What is LCLLY

LCLLY is an online marketplace where dental offices and dental staff can connect without using an intermediary.

Service delivery

Once the Practice has created a job post, the system will indicate how many professionals match the search criteria for this job. Once the job post is paid for, the platform will notify all matching applicants about the new vacancy. The matching applicants will then be able to apply for the vacancy. The Practice will see a list of all the professionals that applied for the vacancy. From there they can choose the perfect candidate. Once both the practice and the professional have confirmed the hire, their contact details become available to each other.

Service omissions and interruptions

We understand that the internet is not always a stable medium. As such, interruptions of service, errors, delays, and omissions may occur. We will, therefore, not accept any liability that arises from any omission or inaccuracy of any information that is found on our website. In addition to this, we will not accept any liability with regards to the information on our website that you supply or by another person or another website.

Information On Our Website

We always make every effort to make sure that any information on our website is complete and accurate. Please note, third parties supply us with some information. Therefore, we are unable to check the information’s completeness or accuracy. We do not accept liability that arises from any omission or inaccuracy in the information on our website. This is with respect to the information on our website that you or another user or individual supplies.

When You Use Our Website

When using our website, you must only do so for lawful reasons when looking for help with your career or looking for employment. You must also only use our website for lawful reasons when you are recruiting staff or purchasing a training course or courses.

You must not seek to undermine this website’s security or any of the information that is available through it or submitted to it. You must not try to alter, access, or delete any information that you have no authority to access. In addition to this, you must not attempt to flood or spam the website with a view to overloading the system. You much also not use any device, software, or routine in an attempt to damage, crash, delay, or interfere with the website’s operation. You must also not attempt to modify, disassemble, or decipher any of the information, coding, or software comprised in our website.

You are solely and completely responsible for the information that you submit to our website. You are also responsible for making sure that the information you supply is up to date and accurate. You must also make sure that the information is not obscene, discriminatory, or is likely to deceive or mislead. It must also not be offensive, unlawful, defamatory, or illegal or unlawful. The information you provide to us must not be in breach of guidelines, regulations, legislation, copyrights, trademarks, codes of practice, or the intellectual property rights of any individual in any jurisdiction.

You are completely responsible for making sure that all of the files, data, and information is free of engines, routines, or viruses that could interfere with or damage any system or data before it is submitted to our website.

We reserve the right to remove any such information that you have supplied to the website. We reserve the right to do this at our discretion and for any reason and at any time. We do not have to give an explanation for the removal of such information.

Information that you Submit

We will use any information that you supply to help us in the recruitment process, this is including any sensitive personal data and without limitation. We shall also do this to help us with our associated administrative functions. In addition to this, we will also use it to help you to buy training courses that are made for this website. This ensures that we can store and process information without limitation and including any sensitive data. We will also make the information available online to third parties or prospective employers so as to assist them in the recruitment process. We will also make the information available to clients and course providers.

Any information about placements, courses, and vacancies will be passed on to any potential purchasers of the courses, and candidates. This information may also be posted to our website directly.

We will also use third parties to ensure that your information is processed as part of our recruitment process and our sales process. We may also aggregate and collect data from the information that you supplied to us. This is to ensure that we can fully understand all of our users as a group. This is with the aim of us providing you with a better service.

We may share aggregate information with some specially selected third parties. We will do this without disclosing any identifying information or any individual names.

You consent to us using the information that you have provided. This is including and without any limitation any sensitive personal data in these ways.

Please be aware that third-party recruitment agencies have already agreed to our terms and conditions. If any of them are found to be in breach of our terms and conditions they will no longer be able to use our services.

Any data which is provided by you when you complete our application forms or our online registration, assessments, and other forms of personal information that you provide to us or complete when you’re using the website will be processed in accordance with the UK data protection legislation. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Transfer outside the European Economic Area

Any personal information that is found on your CV will be accessed by third parties outside the European Economic Area (EEA). This may take place if you apply for a position where the employer is not based in the EEA. By registering on this website and using it you consent for your data to be transferred in this way.

How much it cost to post a job

The primary charge is £29, and the daily rate is £9 per day. As an example, when a practice places an advertisement for staff for 3 days, the price is calculated as follows: 29+9*3=56.

Refund policy

A practice will get a refund if they are unable to fill the vacancy and there were a maximum of three applicants. LCLLY will not refund the primary charge as this is the job handling fee. Unfortunately, we do not directly control the professionals and cannot guarantee their willingness to work for any dental office.